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Writing an analytical essay is not an easy task, especially if this is your first time encountering this. Take a deep breath, drink something invigorating and read this article to write a thoughtful analytic essay.

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Decide what you are going to write about. If you are completing a lesson assignment, then the teacher will usually define a topic for you (or topics). Read the assignment carefully. What are you asked to do? Sometimes you have to choose your own theme.

  • If you write an analytical essay about a work of art, you can justify your opinions based on the actions of a certain hero or a number of characters. You can also discuss why a stanza / piece is the main motive. An example of a topic for literary analysis is: “Expand the concept of“ Retribution ”in the epic poem“ la Beowulf ”.
  • If you are writing about a historical event, try to pay attention to the driving forces that influenced the course of events.
  • If you are analyzing scientific research / results, use a scientific method to analyze the findings.

Strain your head. Of course, you may not even come up with the thesis – and even after choosing a topic. And that’s fine! Strain your head, think about the topic, take a look at it from different sides.

  • Look for repetitive images, metaphors, phrases, or ideas. What is often repeated in the text can be very important. Think if you can understand the importance of all this, is this repetition the same or is there something different every time?
  • How does the text work? If you are working on a rhetorical analysis, then you can analyze the author’s use of logical arguments in support of the thesis put forward by him, and then consider whether you consider this approach effective. If you are analyzing creative work, pay attention to the images, and if you are working on a study, study the methods and results presented, and then consider whether the experiment was conducted correctly.
  • Flowchart does not hurt – draw the main theme and additional topics that go to it. Connect the topics together to identify patterns and relationships.
  • Think well – do half the job. What’s really there, it’s also a great way to get started! Do not dismiss a single thought or even a little thought that comes into your head, write down everything you think about, exploring the topic.


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You need to understand for yourself what is the object of the analytical essay. As a rule, such an essay contains an in-depth analysis of a certain problem or represents an opinion based on a specific fact. Often you have to analyze a literary work or film, but you may also be asked about the main idea or problem. To cope with this, you need to break down the task into several components and provide arguments taken either from a book / film, or resulting from your research and supporting your opinion. [1] For example, Kubrick’s The Shining film often refers us to the culture and art of the native inhabitants of America, with the help of which the story of the colonization of the lands of the Indians by the Americans is revealed — quite an analytical thesis. The analysis of a specific text and the promotion of arguments (in the form of abstract statements) – this is what you, in fact, will do.

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Start with a thesis statement. Thesis  this sentence or several sentences that summarize your statements in an essay. The thesis should tell the reader what the discussion will be about in your work.

  • Example of thesis statement : “Comparing the concept of” Retribution “of the mythological character of Grendel and the vengeance of the dragon showed an example that belief in fair punishment was an integral part of the early Middle Ages, and the dragon was a model of dignity and part the act of revenge. “
  • This is quite an analytical thesis- he examines the text and allows you to make a specific statement.
  • Statements – not axioms, they can be challenged. In an analytical essay, you seem to choose the side from which you approach to the study of the issue, and from this position and put forward this or that statement.
  • For example, “Revenge – storyline in the poem” la Beowulf ” analytical thesis is not, as it is a fact, and an indisputable fact.
  • Your thesis should be narrow enough to fit the assignment. “The theme of revenge in the poem ” Beowulf ” – this is a topic rather for a thesis, it is too voluminous for an ordinary essay, for which the study of whose revenge is more worthy is more suitable. [4]
  • Unless you have received such a task, do not use theses, which immediately set out three aspects that will be addressed in the essay  – This approach gives excessive formalism. There is nothing wrong with a more general description.

Find additional arguments. View the material you are working with. A book, film, and scientific material that complements your statement can be used to support a thesis statement. List the secondary arguments, mark the pages on which they are placed, and find out how they support your opinion. [5] [6]

  • Example of additional argument : To prove that the dragon’s revenge was fairer than Grendel’s revenge, pay attention to those passages in the poem that describe events that unfold before the monster’s attack, the attacks and reactions themselves against these attacks.

Write an essay plan. Plan will help you structure your essay and make it easier to write. As a rule, an analytical essay consists of an introduction, three paragraphs of the main part and a conclusion, but many teachers require longer and more detailed essays. Arrange a plan accordingly.

  • If you still don’t see very clearly how all your arguments support each other, don’t worry – the plan will help you determine what and when should go in the text.
  • You can make the plan less stringent and unite your ideas into groups in it, based on which and work further.
  • Your essay should be long enough to adequately disclose the topic under discussion. Alas, many students make the same mistake – they take a voluminous topic, but they write three paragraphs on it … Well, there’s just no impression left of such work! Do not be afraid to spend more time on each item!




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Check your essay for grammatical and spelling errors. As a rule, an essay with many errors is rated lower than the one that was tested and improved. Check the spelling, search the text for complex sentences of the rhetorical plan, check the punctuation.

  • Make sure you format the essay as required by the teacher – for example, 12 pt, standard font and standard fields.