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An annotated bibliography is a list of references to books, articles and documents. Each link that you meet is accompanied by a small paragraph describing it.

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1 Search and record quotes from books, magazines or other materials that you can use to write your topic. Your quotes will be displayed in the list of materials you use. You need this in order to support your statements and ideas by referring to authoritative sources. The links are usually:

  • Scientific books
  • Scientific articles (in a newspaper or magazine, for example)
  • Scientific abstracts
  • Internet sites
  • Pictures or video

2 Referring to a book, magazine or other document, use the appropriate (or designated) style. If you are doing work for a training course, check with your teacher what style he prefers. If you do not know which style you should use, then you can use the most common types of quotation writing: the Modern Languages ​​Association (Modern Language Association, MLA) provides guidance for the humanities, and the American Psychological Association (American Psychological Association, APA) ) for the social sciences. [1] [2] [3]

There are other popular styles for publishing:

  • Chicago (English Chicago) or Turabian Style (English Turabian Style), for publishing
  • Consolidated print, for publishing
  • Council of Scientific Editors, for exact sciences


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This is a summary. Correctly compiled and prepared annotated bibliography informs readers about the accuracy and quality of quoted sources. The difference between a simple bibliography and a bibliography with annotations is that a simple one contains only a list of sources, and not their summary or evaluation. Writing an annotated bibliography will help you find useful materials for your research project.

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Make sure the quotation is formatted according to the style you are using. List the author (s); use only full titles of books and articles to which you refer; write the full names of the publishers; indicate the date of publication or the latest version of the material, if the source is a web page. A correctly quoted MLA source would look something like this:

4 Make links in accordance with the order. After all, you need some system in work, after all. Structured writing of links will help readers to perceive them more easily, as well as to look for sources if they have any questions. Check if your teacher prefers any particular method; perhaps he uses one of the following methods to organize links:

  • Alphabetical
  • Chronological (either by date of publication or by time period of the subject matter, such as era, decade, and so on)
  • By subtheme
  • By format (articles, books, media, websites, and so on)
  • By language
1 Comment on each source used. Annotation is a small paragraph describing a specific source. It helps the reader determine where the quotation is in context. In addition, the abstract also helps him to decide whether to further refer to the link or not. It differs from the summary in that it provides more contextual information, and not just a summary of the work.




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Start writing annotations based on the origin and identity of the author. & Mention any affiliation with organizations, published works, and critical reviews. Keep in mind that distinguished authors are often quoted as a rule by other writers or scholars.

  • Example: “Currently, the department head of the Faculty of English Literature at the University of Cambridge, Professor XYZ received a bachelor’s degree from Princeton in 1984.

3 Include all the preconceptions or especially important interests of the author. & nbsp; It is useful to mention the writer’s preferences, especially if he admits that he has them.

  • Example: “Being more inclined to approach the question from a Marxist point of view, Professor XYZ admits that his method is not comprehensive enough.”

4 List the main arguments or main topics. Let the reader quickly understand what is being said.

  • Example: “Marriage and morality amongst those who are not so emotional”