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Article review is at the same time a brief summary of the article and an assessment of its content.

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Preparing to write a review

Find out what an article review is. An article review is text intended for an audience that understands the topic of the article, and not for a wide range of readers. When writing a review of the article, you will need to summarize the main ideas, arguments, arguments and discoveries, as well as assess the value of the article in terms of its contribution to knowledge in this area and the effectiveness of the article as a whole.

  • The review presents not only the opinion. You will need to use the text of the article and based on it write a review on the ideas of the author. You will respond to his arguments using your own thoughts, theories and best practices. Your assessment of the article will depend on the evidence and your analysis of the topic.
  • The review of the article is the answer only to the research materials received by the author. It does not conduct additional research.
  • The article’s review summarizes the author’s ideas and assesses these ideas.

Think about the structure of the article.

Before you get started, you will need to think about the structure of the text. This will allow you to understand how to read the article in order to be able to write a good review. Your review will consist of the following parts:

  • Summarize everything stated in the article. Pay attention to the most important statements and arguments.
  • Tell us about the positive aspects of the article. Consider that the author did well, with what reasons one can agree with, what the author’s observations are.
  • Find inconsistencies, spaces, and inconsistencies in the text. Decide whether there is enough reason the author cited for the conclusions. Find questions that the article does not answer.


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Teachers often give assignments to students to write reviews to acquaint them with the work that professional reviewers are engaged in. Experts, in turn, are often asked to review the work of other professionals. Understanding the key points and arguments of the article is very important for accurate summing up. The logical assessment of the main topic of the article, supporting the argument of the article itself and encouraging a deeper study of it, is an important element of the review. In this article, you will learn how to write a good review of the article.

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View the article.

First read the headline, an excerpt from the article, the introduction, the subheadings, the first sentences of all the paragraphs, and the conclusion. Then read the first few paragraphs and the conclusion to them. This will allow you to get acquainted with the arguments of the author and key thoughts in the article. Then read the entire article. Reading it for the first time, try to present the whole picture, that is, determine the main idea.

  • Write out words or concepts that you don’t understand, or questions that you have.
  • Look for definitions of terms or concepts you are not familiar with, so that you can fully understand the text.

Read the article carefully.

Read it a second and third time. Use a pencil or marker to highlight key points. Highlight the main thoughts and facts on which they are based.

  • Link the information you learned from the article with your knowledge of the topic. Think about what you were discussing in class, and recall other articles that you have already read. Does this article contradict what you already know? Does she expand your knowledge about this topic? Determine whether this text is similar to or different from other texts on this topic that you read.
  • Pay special attention to the essence of the article. Make sure you understand the text. Understanding the article – the basis of a competent review.

Retell the article in your own words.

This can be done in free text or point by point. Start retelling the article in your own words. Focus on the arguments, research and statements that the author makes. Include all major items. It is extremely important to convey all the information accurately.

  • Whatever method you choose, list the key points of the article and the supporting studies or arguments. In this part there should be only an enumeration of what the author wrote, and there should not be your opinion on this information.
  • After retelling the article, decide what you want to comment on in your review. You can focus your attention on a theoretical approach, on the content, on the presentation or analysis of information, or on style. Of course, you will need to describe the essence of the article, but you can also pay attention to other aspects. This is especially useful if you want to link the review with the material of your training course.
  • Re-read the draft and remove unnecessary information. Cross off or erase less important details.




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State your opinion.

Re-read each item in the draft and decide whether the author is clear and understandable everywhere. List all weaknesses of the article, mention new discoveries in this area. The strength of the article can be a clear analysis of a particular problem. The weak side may be that the author does not propose solutions in the article and does not provide new information. Refer to examples and links. Perhaps the article incorrectly cites data from a known study. Mark this observation and look for evidence that you are right. Try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the article?
  • What are the theoretical background and basic assumptions?
  • Are key concepts clearly defined?
  • How weighty are the facts?
  • Where is the place of this article in the literature devoted to this issue?
  • Does the article broaden existing knowledge about the problem?
  • How understandable does the author write?