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Descriptive essay is a fairly simple form of essay. At the disposal of the author there are a number of means to explain the topic to the reader. Here is what you need to know to write a descriptive essay.

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This is one of the easiest types of essays you will ever write. You do not need to prove a point, as it should be done in a convincing essay. Instead, you just need to describe something.
For example, if the topic of a descriptive essay is writer Jane Austen’s career, you can write about the Austin career stages, but you don’t need to draw any conclusions or argue about any literary topics she has included or not included in her works.

Choose a good topic. [1] A good topic should be specific enough to cover it on several pages, but not so specific that you cannot find enough information about it.
Consider any prompts your instructor makes. Usually, the instructor tells you a general topic from which you must choose a more specific subtopic.
For example, if the instructor gives you the topic of a descriptive essay “The Second World War”, you do not need to write about the whole war. Instead, focus on one particular part. You can choose a specific moment of the war, for example, the landing of troops in Normandy or Pearl Harbor, or some aspects of the war, for example, the use of dogs or other animals to help soldiers.


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Understand the purpose of a descriptive essay. Descriptive essay is intended to explain the topic to the reader. You need to report a certain fact on the topic and reveal it using evidence.

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Find relevant sources. Your sources should cover the whole topic, and should also be reliable.
Traditionally, books and scientific journals are the best sources. Scientific, government and other trusted websites, newspaper articles and magazine articles are also good choices.
Some teachers allow the use of encyclopedias, but as you reach a higher level in writing an essay, these sources will usually be limited, as they are considered too common.

Do research and take notes. Re-read your sources and note any significant facts in each of them, writing out the information in a notebook.
You should also mark the page numbers associated with this information that you wrote out.
Copy the output of each source for a list of bibliographies or citations. This page should be designed in accordance with the wishes of your teacher.
Record important dates, statistics and quotes.

Find out what it all means. Before you start writing your work, you must form your own conclusions. Despite the fact that you do not need to make arguments, you still need to know what you are writing about.
The topic you choose should ultimately be reflected in your theses.




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Capture the attention of the reader with a spectacular reception. The first sentence or sentences of your introduction should attract the attention of the reader and not let it go. The introduction should act as a fishing hook when the fisherman catches fish. [2]
There are various ways to attract the attention of the reader. You can enter a quote that relates to your topic, present an interesting fact or statistics, suggest a definition or ask a rhetorical question. You can also tell a joke, make an analogy or general observation on your topic.

Provide additional information on the topic. To paraphrase, it will sound “provide context.” Start an introduction to the topic by providing general information that gives your reader an idea of ​​what you are planning to write.
For example, if you are writing about a book, you should indicate the title, the name of the author, and a brief content.
If you are writing about a specific date in history, you should summarize the events of the day and explain how it fits into the broader historical context.
If you are writing about a person, you should give his name and provide a brief biographical sketch.
The context should be “embedded” in your thesis. Explain everything the reader needs to know in order to understand your topic, gradually narrowing the information until you reach the topic itself.

Give your abstract statement. Your thesis statement is one sentence that clearly and concisely defines the topic of your work.
Select the thesis from the conclusion you made at the end of your research.
The thesis in a descriptive essay should not contain any arguments or controversial points of view.
For example, if you decide to write about using dogs during World War II, a good thesis might be something like “Dogs used by US Marine during World War II played a significant role in the Pacific theater of operations.”
A bad thesis might be something like: “The US Marine Corps should never have used dogs during World War II.”

Briefly present your main ideas. This part is optional, but it often helps build a transition to the main part. Summarize the main points of the “body” of your work in one sentence.
The main points should be directly related to the first sentence of each paragraph in the main part.