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Need to write an argumentative essay? Not too sure what it entails? We’ve got the perfect guide for you! Through this ultimate guide on argumentative essays, you’ll get an insight on the nature of the essay, what it requires and tips on writing the perfect one. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

What is an argumentative essay?

You can think of an argumentative essay as a writing piece that is written for the purpose of persuading the reader. Through an argumentative essay, the writer must be able to convince the reader to form a judgement that is based on theirs. Trying to make the reader understand and think the way you do can be tricky however, it can be achieved through a well-written piece.

Let’s take an example to make things easier to understand. Say you’ve got some really cool handmade items that wish you to sell at the college fair. You will need to persuade the authorities at the college on why they should let you put up your own stall. The college may not be agreeing in the first place but if you are able to convince them through benefits, facts and quality supporting information, they may change their mind and award you the permission. The same concept works for an argumentative essay.

Important elements of an argumentative essay:

There are some key elements of an argumentative essay that will help you in writing the perfect piece. Let’s take a look at these one by one.


The most critical element of an argumentative essay is the position. This position refers to the side that the writer is on. The writer must stand firm on a position prior to writing anything. This means that it should be very clear whether the writer is in favor of the topic or against it. In the case that we mentioned above, simply stating that you disagree with the fact that the college is not allowing you to put up a stall will not get any votes in your favor. You must do more.


To persuade the reader to agree with you, it is important to include valid reasons for why you feel the need to write the argument. These reasons will help the reader get an understanding of where you’re coming from and will help them to think along the same lines. The reasons are very important because they may bring up something that the reader had overlooked or was not too aware of. In regards to the college case, you could mention how putting up a stall will encourage creativity amongst other students and allow them to make some pocket money through their talents. The reasons could be many!


It may be that the reader is already aware of the reasons that you have for presenting the argument. In this case, simply stating the reasons will not get you very far. This is where supporting evidence plays an important role. Providing the reader with supporting evidence that helps strengthen the argument will make it more likely for the reader to agree with you. You can extract evidence and supportive information from high authoritative information sources like online databases and the library. Just be sure to reference everything that you write. In regards to the college case, you could look for statistics online that reflected an increase in productivity through similar kind of activities. Or, you could also mention how it would help boost the reputation of the college since they’ll be putting their students first.

Counter Arguments:

Counter arguments play an important role in argumentative essays. These opposing views give you room to further persuade the reader to agree with your position. If you are aware of the opposing views at the beginning, you could quickly address them before they even occur to the reader. Being able to stand firm against a counter argument will strengthen your position and will enable you to be successful in convincing your reader. In regards to the college example, the college may be of the opinion that putting up stalls may be time-wasting or they’ll be a lot of mess to clean up after. This is where you can convince the college authorities that the stall holders would agree to clean up their own mess and everyone could put up their stalls by coming in to the college fair early.

The argumentative essay will revolve around these central elements. If you are able to plan your essay by keeping these in mind, you will be able to write your argumentative essay with ease and confidence.

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Writing the essay:

When writing your argumentative essay, remember to include a good introduction, the body and a promising conclusion. Adjust the word count of these sections in accordance to your essay guidelines.

  • Start by providing a brief explanation of your essay in the first paragraph. You should give the readers a background of the topic and then present your thesis statement. Your thesis state will be your position on the topic.
  • The body of your essay will hold the essence of your argument. This is where you will add your reasons, evidence and present your views on the counter arguments. Remember to address your essay through your position and the counter position. Highlight key aspects one by one and persuade the reader through supporting information.
  • In the last paragraph, summarize your argumentative essay by re-stating your position and explain how your argumentative essay successfully addressed the concern. Keep your conclusion short, yet powerful. You could start your conclusion like, “In conclusion, it is essential that……. (Provide reasons for the reader to be convinced by briefly re-stating the benefits) Otherwise…… (Provide possible consequences of not being convinced.)”

Keep these important aspects in mind and you’ll be able to write your argumentative essay without worry. If you’re short of time and looking for professional assistance, an essay helper will be able to write your argumentative essay for you! You can hire an essay helper from a professional online essay writing service and they’ll provide you with the perfect writer suited for your essay needs. The essay helper will put their heart and soul into your argumentative essay, successfully conducting research and presenting a strong argument. Just remember to look into the reputation of the essay writing service before considering it.