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5 Ways to Write a Critical Thinking Essay like a Great Thinker

There are different forms of writing: persuasive, narrative, etc. But, the critical thinking essay towers over the rest. That’s because it needs you to reason before you set pen to paper.

Also, an essay on critical thinking is a good way to express the inner genius. It can show how you solve problems and make decisions.

Still, many students find critical writing a hard and confusing task. Yet, with good analytical ability, it’s easy to improve on the writing. Here, we’ll see some of the ways you can improve on your critical thinking essay.

The ‘uninspired’ critical thinking paper

The average student writes a typical critical paper in six steps. These are:

  • Getting the topic
  • Gathering the evidence
  • Testing different perspectives
  • Assessing related assumptions
  • Choosing a position
  • Calling for action (concluding)

Still, these can be simple or complex tasks according to one’s reasoning skills. The conclusion, for example, is a good section to check if the student used critical thinking.

Let’s see how that’s possible. We’ll start with the topic: “All dirty men are poor.”

If you use the evidence of Abel, a dirty man you found on the street, you could say:

  • Abel is dirty man
  • Abel is poor (because he’s homeless)

And, because Abel is dirty and poor, you would then conclude that all dirty men are poor. That would be wrong! That is a case of incomplete reasoning. The observations for the argument would be too limited to make a compelling conclusion.

All the same, this is how lazy critical writing looks like. But in the following sections, we’ll learn how you can improve on that and write like a proper thinker.

1. Take up the attitude of a thinker

You should note that great thinkers don’t have a unique form of intelligence. No, they just use their thinking ability with a different attitude.

For example, they’re open-minded. Always ready to change beliefs. Also, they assess arguments from all angles. Thus, they don’t agree to ‘facts’ on face value.

Sometimes they could seem irrational too. That’s because thinkers are ready to go against the grain. Remember, Columbus wouldn’t have sailed the world if he also believed that the earth was flat.

But most of all, good thinkers are curious. They don’t stop analyzing situations. Their urge to solve mysteries is so high that they focus on some problems for years.

If you too would adopt these traits, then you would’ve started on the right path to critical thinking. Your critical thinking essay would stand out. Through such an attitude, you can stand out from the crowd and even challenge existing dogmas.

2. Avoid the pitfalls of poor reasoning

Critical writing has two parts: the writing and the thinking. But remember, writing is a function of language. Thus, if you can’t write out the exact thing you are thinking of, the reader will find your arguments weak.

Thus, avoid poor writing styles in academics like the use of passive voice. Your writing should be direct and clear. You too should learn to tell the difference of confusing language use in others’ work. That way, you can keep off sources that could water down your essay.

But, language isn’t the only communication tool that’s prone to fault. Figures can also mislead. Manipulating statistical data, for example, is a common propaganda tactic.

Do you see the way advertisers have managed to make a living off the art of persuasion? In most cases, the products/services they sell don’t live up to their promises. So, be wary of how people can use convincing messages to mislead. And in the same breath, learn to criticize information to find out where the truth lies.

3. Argue better

If you look at these critical thinking essay samples, you can tell the writer’s opinions. Watch out for the transition words like “because”, “hence”, “and”, etc. That’s how you can identify types of arguments in your sources.

Using our example above, we find:

And, because Abel is dirty and poor … all dirty men, are poor.

There are two major types of reasoning: inductive and deductive. The Abel case for one is a form of inductive reasoning.

If you can tell these two apart, then you can learn how to test your sources. Each type applies to a particular set of problems. So, be careful that you’re not assumptive in your critical writing.

4. Criticize information

Critical thinking essay topics provide an excellent chance to the writer to explore sources. You can find yourself writing on politics today and about the economy tomorrow.

But, how well you argue in a critical thinking paper depends on the quality of your evidence. Thus, it’s important to use a set of tests to weed out the noise from your findings. You need to ask yourself:

  • Is the source current?
  • Can the author justify his/her biases?
  • Does the author have the necessary qualifications?
  • Is my source relevant to what I’m working on?

Still, after taking the precautions you might end up with subpar evidence. Statistical data, for example, can fool you if you’re not good in probability. So, put more effort in perfecting your math to become a better critical thinker.

5. Practice more

A common saying has it that you should “think before you talk”. The same goes for writing, or reasoning for that matter. We are human and are prone to errors. Thus, to be perfect, we have to keep on redoing things to reduce imperfections.

See, great thinking is about spending enough time on a problem until you get solutions. Even if your evidence has valid points, if you keep at it, you can get better ones.

In short, you should practice more. And one way of doing that is to read more critical thinking essay samples to get an idea of how to improve.

Get help from a critical writing guru

A guru essay helper has the experience to help you get better in your writing. He/she will guide you in all aspects of choosing critical thinking essay topics.

Since writing a critical thinking essay needs practice, you should write more and often. Thus, with the input of an essay helper, you can tell whether you are on the right track.