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Sociology classes may be some of the most interesting classes you’ll ever take in college. Why, you ask? A great question! Sociology is the study of people, or more specifically, human social behaviour. If you’ve ever wondered why people do what they do, then you might actually look forward to that 8 a.m. sociology class! Sociology paper topics allow you to explore some aspect of human behaviour you’ve always wondered about. However with that interesting sociology class with its ability to dissect and unlock human behavioural choices, you’ll likely have to posit a sociology research question, several sociology research paper topics, and write at least one sociology paper. Need some help deciding between several sociology paper topics? No problem! Listed below are several excellent sociology paper topics as well as a quick review of a typical sociology paper format. Let’s get started.

Sociology Paper

Sociology paper topics typically focus on an informative and/or argumentative writing approach where the writer examines a particular issue related to human behaviour. Issues dealing with race, gender, identity, and topics exploring why humans act a certain why are all relevant and fair game. Coming up with a topic of your own can be much more difficult than being assigned a topic by the professor. Sociology research paper topics can be wide ranging, however, so you should be able to decide upon a sociology paper research question that interests you personally and write a compelling sociology paper!

Sociology Paper Topics

Sociology paper topics run the gamut of the human experience. Everything from parenting styles to bullying to how marketing influences targeted consumer choices are good sociology paper topics. Here’s a list of 15 interesting sociology paper topics that would be appropriate choices for any sociology paper.

Remember: when submitting sociology paper topics to the professor, it’s a good idea to have several sociology research paper topics ready, or at least variations of the topic you’d like to research. Being flexible will likely assure your ability to research sociology paper topic within your area of preferred interest.

  • Millennial Innovation: How the Current Generation is Disrupting Social Structures
  • Single Parenting in Rural America
  • Bullying: Effective Ways to Combat this Social Ill
  • The Importance of Preserving Rural Traditions
  • Hometown Parades: A Key Aspect in Preserving Small Town Identify
  • Youth Addiction: Relevant Reasons why Opioid Use is on the Rise
  • The Benefits of Travelling to Foreign Countries Before the Age of 21
  • The Benefits of Being Raised in a Multi-Generational Home
  • The Link Between Materialism and Depression
  • Small versus Large Group Dynamics: How People in Groups Learn Best
  • It Takes a Tribe: Why Children Raised in Communal Cultures Thrive
  • The Modern Immigrant Experience
  • The Role of Dance in Ancient Cultures
  • Sun Worship: Why Many Ancient Cultures Revered the Sun
  • Burial Rites: What Last Rites Reveal About Cultural Values Worldwide

As you can see, sociology paper topics offer a wide range of research possibilities. Good sociology paper topics should investigate a key aspect of human behaviour and what this particular behaviour reveals about human nature on an individual level and/or a cultural level. Once you’ve determined which of the sociology research paper topics is best for the class, and the professor approves your guiding sociology research question, the brainstorming phase is done and it’s time to begin outlining the actual sociology paper.

Sociology Paper Format

Like most academic writing assignments, begin by taking notes and then organise the notes into a sentence outline. Once you can visually see how your notes work to form a logical argument, it’s time to format your sociology paper. Need a sociology paper example? The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill offers a great guide for students tackling their first (or subsequent) sociology paper format. Many professors keep well-written sociology paper examples from past classes, so don’t be afraid to ask to see a good sociology paper example before you begin writing. While individual professors may require specific aspects in papers, a general format exists for writing your sociology paper.

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This section introduces the audience to the topic. It defines key terms and presents the differing sides (if different sides exist). It provides relevant background on the topic. The main focus of the introduction is to pose the sociology research question which the paper will spend all its paragraphs answering with primary and secondary resources as well as research conducted by the writer if warranted by the class. The introduction section is typically a page, though it can be longer depending upon the amount of background required to understand the topic and the research question.


The body of the paper provides relevant and reliable sources to answer the sociology research question posed in the introduction. Body paragraphs should always be organised weakest to strongest argument; this way the audience ends the paper with the best argument proving the thesis. A typical sociology paper body paragraph will begin with a topic sentence, present any relevant background information, provide cited research, and explain how the research supports the issue being discussed in the paper. The body section of the paper can be anywhere from three to ten pages or more in length depending upon the paper’s length requirements.


The conclusion is the shortest section and reviews the relevant research to prove that the writer proved his or her case throughout the paper. No new information should be presented in the section. It should restate the thesis and show the audience how the research supports the sociology research question posed in the introduction. The conclusion is usually a half-page in length, though it can be longer.

Bibliography and/or Works Cited Page

These pages record the references the writer used when researching the paper. Professors may require one or both, so check any handouts outlining what sociology paper format the teacher prefers. A good sociology paper example will detail how to create these final paper requirements.

Want to turn a great sociology research question into a well-written sociology paper? Don’t be afraid to ask any help you need. Schedule conferences with the teacher to review the sociology paper format. Ask to see sociology paper examples to ensure you’re on the correct path. Get feedback from classmates.

Remember: rubrics and grading scales are important — check them before handing in any sociology paper. Once you’ve selected a good sociology paper topic, the rest will be easy!