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Every college student faces the consequences of procrastination at some point in their academic career: 48 hours until a major essay is due and the computer screen is still blank. You’ve had weeks to research, draft, and revise the paper, but yet the file is empty. As a Hail Mary, many students begin to search the web for an essay generator. Never heard of an essay generator? Well, they’re rather mythical websites which great essays based on inputted data. While college students want to believe in the existence of an A-level essay generator, they simply don’t exist. Skip wasting your time in looking for an essay generator and spend your time in an effort that will actually help you create a great academic paper.

Free Essay Generator

Many students want to believe in the myth of a free essay generator. However, beware of anything that’s advertised as free. Why? Because ultimately, you get what you pay for. Requesting an essay from a free essay generator will result in paragraphs lacking connection and insight. In addition, a free essay generator randomly creates the paragraphs and may lift them from internet sources, creating issues of plagiarism within the essay itself. As a free essay generator lacks a human’s input on the other side, many types of this kind of paper generator will veer off topic or return with grammatical and mechanical errors, which could result in severe deductions in the grading process. Remember: if it’s a free paper, it’s likely not going to be the quality that you’re seeking. A free essay generator isn’t the light at the end of the procrastination tunnel — it’s more like the huge crash.

Essay Hook Generator

An essay hook generator is another program that aims to help students create an essay hook, or an attention getting sentence to engage the audience in the rest of the paper. If students are stuck when trying to gain the audience’s attention, they may seek out an essay hook generator to create such a sentence. While beginning a paper can be the hardest part, it’s important to create this kind of audience engagement yourself. Only you know the direction the paper will take based on your research and sources. Only you know, as the student, what the professor is really looking for in this assignment. Therefore, you should create the essay hook…not an essay hook generator.

Automatic Essay Writing

Have you heard of automatic essay writing? Well, it’s very similar to an essay generator. The user puts in specific words and phrases and the automatic essay writing site delivers an entire essay. Such sites often promise fantastic essays, but what automatic essay writing websites actually deliver is far from fantastic. Automatic essay writing may seem like a good idea with less than 10 hours before the paper is due, but the quality of automatic essay writing is very poor. Essays created by a paper generator are often hard to read and lack a clear logical progression of an argument. Instead, automatic essay writing tends to lists facts in lieu of organising a clear and defined argument. Many automatic essay writing platforms don’t correctly cite texts, leading to possible plagiarism. If you’re thinking about a paper generator, just remember this: you could always do a better job no matter what paper you turn in. Your natural grasp of the English language is superior to that of an essay generator; therefore, skip what seems too good to be true — because it is!

Introduction Paragraph Maker

Similar to a free essay generator, an essay hook generator, and automatic essay writing, an introduction paragraph maker markets itself as a way to help students who are stuck. Specifically, an introduction paragraph maker creates the first paragraph with the basic and background information this kind of paragraph typically requires. However, an introduction paragraph maker often misses the mark when it comes to delivering a coherent introduction paragraph. The problem with using an introduction paragraph maker is that this kind of paper generator doesn’t know the rest of the paper’s direction; therefore the essay generator could return an introduction that makes no sense in the context of the assignment. The introduction paragraph maker may, in fact, return a one-page introduction, but the facts and ideas it contains may not connect with the rest of the paper. Introduction paragraphs are the first impression that the professor will have of the paper; if it’s confusing or appears off-topic then he or she likely will develop a negative first impression regarding the rest of the paper and the student’s overall writing abilities.

Paper Generator

Thinking about using a paper generator? Think again. While you may find a free essay generator, you’re not likely to find one that offers the quality of paper required for a college level course. And while it may be appealing to get help from an essay hook generator, without knowing what comes next, the hook that the essay hook generator returns may simply be nonsense! The same is true for an introduction paragraph maker. It’s best to leave yourself time to tackle the writing assignment yourself; automatic essay writing is a ruse that ultimately hurts students rather than helping them. In truth, an essay generator is useless for students who care about their academics; professors can spot a paper created by a free essay generator pretty quickly. Papers relying on an introduction paragraph maker often lack the nuances of language that comes from actual people. Therefore, it’s always a better idea to skip using an essay generator.

It can be tempting to try a free essay generator: our advice? Do it. Try one and you’ll see the poor quality that comes from this type of service. The best advice any student can receive is this: don’t procrastinate. Don’t wait until the last day and realise that the writing assignment was something you should have started weeks ago. Automatic essay writing may be an option available to you at the last minute, but it’s not the type of option that you want to put your name on and submit.